Dust Mites Love You

by Airbiotics | February 13, 2018

You're sitting on your favorite couch at home and you feel something crawling on your skin. It feels like an itch, but you don't see anything. This "itch" could be a creepy, crawly dust mite, one of millions that are infesting your home. Dust mites are so named because of their size. They are barely visible to the unaided eye, measuring around 0.2 millimeters in length. The fact that they are so tiny belies the havoc they cause people who are sensitive to allergies.
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Dog on A Plane

by Airbiotics | February 07, 2018

I was taking a flight last week to California and a strange thing happened. I was sitting next to a dog! Now, this has never happened to me before in all my years of air travel. I was used to seeing pets on the conveyor belt heading for the cargo area while the passengers headed for the cabin. I have even seen smaller dogs and cats in the cabin with their owners, but they had to be in carriers. This dog took up the whole seat and was sitting next to me.
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