by Airbiotics March 29, 2016 5 MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS TO CARRY IN YOUR DIAPER BAG If you’re a new parent, or you’re going to be, there are some products you just can’t leave out of your diaper bag (the first one obviously being diapers!). The last thing you want is to reach into your baby bag to find out that you’re missing something you need THAT instant. Below are the top 5 products that should always be available in your baby’s diaper bag.

1. Diapers

As the main product in your diaper bag, you can’t forget these! Before stuffing a bunch in your bag though, stop and think about how long you’re actually going to be out and about. If you plan on being out for two hours then you’ll most likely only need one, but you should always carry a few extra. Better safe than sorry!

2. Airbiotics Hand Cleaner

A lot of people rely on hand sanitizer when they want to protect themselves from bacteria, but it’s not the answer. Common hand sanitizers are full of harsh chemicals and alcohol that can irritate your baby’s soft skin. And as moms already know, you’re often reaching for the hand sanitizer way more than once a day which can leave your hands dry and susceptible to more bacteria. Using antibacterial products creates a bacterial resistance and kills off friendly bacteria that keeps you healthy. The Airbiotics Hand Cleaner safely protects your hands and uses good, probiotic bacteria to replace the harmful bacteria. Plus, its small size makes it easily portable and able to fit anywhere in your diaper bag!

3. Wipes

Without baby wipes, things can get a little messy. You can always take around 10 wipes and seal them in a plastic bag, but there are better options since that method can dry out the wipes. Some brands sell travel-sized containers with baby wipes in them, so it’s convenient and easy to use on the go.

4. Baby Powder

When it comes to diaper duty, baby powder is your friend. In order to prevent things like diaper rash and skin irritation, you’ll want to use baby powder and change diapers as often as possible. Just make sure you’re not applying the powder directly on your baby, since you don’t want to pile on too much product. It’s best to sprinkle some on your hand instead so you don’t create a powder cloud.

5. Changing Pad

Another item to add to your diaper bag baby checklist is a changing pad. Whether your diaper bag comes with one or you bought your own, having a changing pad can make a day out and about a whole lot easier. Think about all the bad bacteria that are on the baby changing stations in bathrooms. You don’t want to expose your baby to that, so make sure you change his or her diaper on a clean changing pad. These days, everyone wants and expects their products to be non-GMO, non-toxic and allergy-free. If you could use products that have these benefits and clean without causing harm, why wouldn’t you? The Airbiotics Mist can be used to target specific areas, including your baby’s diaper bag, changing pad and even toys. It’s completely eco-friendly and safe to use on surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about your baby being exposed to dangerous chemicals and allergens. Being a new parent is stressful enough, so make it easier for yourself by protecting your baby’s surroundings with powerful probiotics!