6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home in Time for Fall

by Airbiotics August 26, 2016 6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home in Time for Fall Is summer over already? School supplies has taken over stores, (cringeworthy no matter how old you are), for some school is already in session, and your home has been extra lived in than usual from the kids being home for summer. There's been multiple moments of packing and unpacking from vacations and summer camps, and having lovely family members over for visits. Where did the summer go? Now fall is steadily approaching with early mornings that require getting yourself plus the kids ready, after-school practices, PTA meetings and more that is going to keep you moving and grooving all day long. Is your home ready to undergo the craziness of back to school and all the fall happenings? Here’s how you can start off the right foot and tackle everything that comes your way this school year.

1.Give Your Closet a Cleanse

Fall brings a whole different wardrobe for you and your children that can start to clutter up your closet and make you dig through clothes that you aren’t even going to wear. When was the last time you wore that one blouse you aimlessly stare at trying to figure out how or what to wear it with anyway? It can be hard to let go, but the extra space for your fall, winter clothes and of course new clothes will feel like a breath of fresh air. Donate them to a local thrift shop, or make some money off of them. There are tons of resale shops that make selling or trading in your gently worn clothes an easy task.

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2. Out With The Old

Do you have a junk drawer or things piled up in the home office that is becoming a little overwhelming? And probably eyes sores? Ditch them! When you declutter your home, it will also make your mind feel more clear and ready to take on new challenges. Take a few hours, a day, whatever you need. It will be worth it when you become way too busy to do it when you’re helping the kids with their homework or doing work of your own. Cleaning up before the madness starts will leave you extra time to do things with your loved ones, or simply for you!

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3. Wash Everything

We mean it, everything. The sheets, the rugs, couch pillows, stuffed animals, anything that could have built up dust and dirt from days at the beach,  or the kids coming in from playing outside and plopping on the couch all nice and sweaty. Airbiotics StaBiotic Mist is a great way to give those hard to wash things a good, deep clean. It can be used on any fabric and is all natural and hypoallergenic so it’s safe to use around kids and pets. Whatever way is easiest for you to give the home furnishings a good cleanse, you won’t regret it! Time is of the essence when the work week along with the school week is in full swing.

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4. Add Some Green to Your Home

No, not money honey. Indoor house plants! These are great for maintaining good indoor air quality and give the house a clean and airy feel. Ferns, palms, rubber trees, and succulents are all great options but there’s plenty more to choose from! These plants are low maintenance and add some decoration without actually having to decorate.

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5. Clean off Flat Surfaces and Keep them Clean

When things start piling up it’s hard to stop. The clean surfaces will make your home feel less cluttered and will decrease the chance for the habit of stacking things on them to occur. Decorations can even start to look cluttered. Choose one or two that won’t allow for other things to join in so it stays a clear, flat surface. The more stuff that’s piled on, the most dust the objects will collect and make harder to clean.

How to declutter your home

6. Have a Home for Everything in Your Home

When your things are in their place, it means they will always be there when you need them. Having a designated place for everything will help you keep your sanity when you’re always on the go. Make these designated areas before the hustle and bustle begins so you can maximize your time on more important things like the science fare project or a big presentation at work. Airbiotics probiotic cleaners

Relax, You’re Only Human

Whether you can make some time do all of these things, one, or even half of one, having less clutter in your home will make you and your kids’ be able to function a little better throughout the week so you can actually enjoy your weekends! A decluttered home is essential to a decluttered mind and life in general so you can focus on whatever it is you want that makes you happy. Want to learn more about Airbiotics probiotic cleaning practices? Click here to probiotic cleaning products and learn how you can get started cleaning with probiotics today!