by Airbiotics June 03, 2016 6 HASSLE FREE WAYS TO ELIMINATE ODOR AND DANDER WITH AIRBIOTICS FOR PETS Do you love your pet so much that you suffer through the dander? Does your pet have an odor that you just can’t get a handle on? Airbiotics is excited to announce their new pet product line, Airbiotics for Pets, a new all natural pet odor eliminator that will solve your dander allergy or odor problems.

Not Just Another Natural Pet Odor Eliminator and Dander Remover

Airbiotics for Pets is veterinarian tested to eliminate odor causing bacteria as well as reduce the allergens pet dander gives off. Almost 15% of Americans that are allergic to pet dander still cohabitate with pets and undergo constant treatment for their allergies, or suffer through whatever inflammations or reactions that are triggered from the allergens. Now, animal lovers with these issues can find relief and not have to worry about any reactions. With an all-natural, scent free formula that houses external probiotics you are getting a daily dose of airborne goodness to help you fight off the allergens that make way into your home. Use this all natural pet odor eliminator anywhere, anytime. Here are six ways that you can use this natural pet odor eliminator and allergy reducer in your home so you can breathe easier with clean, fresh air.
  1. Pet Beds & Toys: If your pet is on the smellier side and the stench has stuck to their indoor beds and toys, spray the Airbiotics for Pets All Purpose Cleaner thoroughly on their bedding and toys and the live probiotics will work to eliminate the odor causing bacteria that has latched on to the materials.
  2. Food Bowls: Our pets are always slobbering on these for obvious reasons and could care less what condition they’re in. But these are prime places for bacteria to thrive on, creating a nasty, sticky substance called biofilm. Both indoor and outdoor pets carry lots of different bacteria in their mouths and spread it to these bowls while eating. The Airbiotics for Pets formula deconstructs the biofilm with live probiotics. The formula is alcohol free and scent free, so it won’t harm or bother your pet if ingested.
  3. Litter Boxes: These objects are crawling with bacteria and biofilm from the feces that reside in them. Airbiotics for Pets can perform its dual action of harmlessly eliminating the odors and reducing the bad bacteria.
  4. Cages & Kennels: One of the great aspects of the StaBiotic™ formula used in the pet product line is that it’s perfectly suitable to be sprayed on any surface or material. Whether your animal’s carrier is plastic, fabric, or metal, the pet products won’t damage them or leave behind a scent that could potentially bother the animal.
  5. Carpet: As pets roam around the house and clean or itch themselves, their dander that triggers allergies becomes airborne or is rubbed off straight into the rugs and carpet. Unfortunately, these places are warm and cozy homes for bacteria and dust mites to thrive. Sometimes, the strength of a vacuum isn’t strong enough to pry away these microorganisms and they continue to live happily in your homes. Spraying Airbiotics for Pets onto these materials will safely and naturally dispose of the bacteria and dust mites that cause allergies, giving you a refreshing space.
  6. Furniture & Upholstery: It’s never fun to come home after a long day of work where all you want to do is relax on your couch but it reeks of smelly pet odor. Those days are over with Airbiotics for Pets! Safe to spray on all furniture materials, upholstery, curtains, throw blankets, pillows and even your gym bag, use it anywhere you detect a stench for odor relief.
Airbiotics0052forblog Airbiotics for Pets mission is to provide you with the safest and best pet odor eliminator and dander remover so that you can love your pet without their dander and odor and breathe easy. Click here to see all of our Airbiotics for Pets products and start cleaning with probiotics today!