by Airbiotics June 10, 2016 CONTROL YOUR INDOOR ALLERGIES WITH THESE TIPS Allergy season is among us, if you couldn’t already tell from the pollen-filled outdoor air and abundance of mold spores. However, it’s not just outdoor allergens that are responsible for your constant stuffy nose and sneezing fits. You could be allergic to the environment in your home! If things like dust, pet dander, cockroaches and cigarette smoke irritate you and your symptoms are only triggered at home, then you most likely suffer from indoor allergies. Here’s how to nip your indoor allergies in the bud and keep them away for good!

1. Prevent Indoor Mold & Mildew

“Of the 21.8 million people reported to have asthma in the U.S., approximately 4.6 million cases are estimated to be attributable to dampness and mold exposure in the home.” (Source: Study by the EPA and Berkeley National Laboratory) Since mold has existed on Earth for millions of years, it can’t be completely eliminated. You can, however, control how much of it takes up residence in your home to prevent indoor allergies. Mold thrives in environments that are damp, so to ensure that it doesn’t accumulate indoors you need to control your home’s humidity levels by doing the following:
  • Ventilation is key: Keep fans running throughout the house and set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that there’s a consistent flow of air in your home and also prevent moisture while maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Fix Leaks: Be on the lookout for any standing water and don’t let it go unnoticed. Any area that is frequently damp can increase the humidity indoors and easily allow mold to grow.
  • Use Cleaning Products That Kill Mold: A lot of commercial cleaners out there aren’t as effective as you think, since they kill all instances of bacteria (good and bad!). This leaves behind Biofilm, a dead layer of bacteria, that serves as a food source for new bacteria. In order to really address your mold issue, try using a cleaning product like our StaBiotic™All Purpose Cleaner.

2. Ditch the Pet Dander

If you’re one of those people that won’t admit to having pet allergies for the love of your fur baby, we understand. Thankfully though, there are steps you can take to reduce indoor allergies from pets so you don’t have to part from your furry family members.
  • Maintain a Fur-Free House: Cats and dogs shed, unless you’re lucky enough to have a hypoallergenic pet. Pet fur lingering around your home can flare up your allergy symptoms, so be sure to vacuum on a daily basis.
  • Pets Aren't Humans, so Don't Let Them Act Like it: The only place your pet should sleep is in their pet beds. Letting your dog or cat curl up with you on the couch, bed or table is a recipe for disaster, especially if you’re allergic to them! Limit their access to furniture and train them to not jump up on certain areas.
  • Keep Their Coats Clean: Their fur may be soft and fluffy, but it contains tons of dander. Plus, animals that are both indoor and outdoor pets drag in allergens from outdoors like ragweed and pollen. Not only can our StaBiotic™ Pet Mist be used on pet beds, kennels, toys and food bowls, it can be used directly on pets! Using a spray like this is safe for your pets and is also effective at controlling dander (which is a big indoor allergy trigger).
If you’re someone who suffers from indoor allergies, learn about how you can find a natural solution with Airbiotics.