Dog on A Plane

by Airbiotics February 07, 2018 Dog on A Plane

I was taking a flight last week to California and a strange thing happened. I was sitting next to a dog! Now, this has never happened to me before in all my years of air travel. I was used to seeing pets on the conveyor belt heading for the cargo area while the passengers headed for the cabin. I have even seen smaller dogs and cats in the cabin with their owners, but they had to be in carriers. This dog took up the whole seat and was sitting next to me. 

I think it's great that people can travel with their pets. When I was a boy, shortly after my mother passed away, I was heading East to live with family and I was taking my family pet with me. What a comfort it would have been to have my little Muttsy sitting next to me on the plane. But she had to take the cargo area.

So here I was in 2018, sitting right next to a dog on the plane. I mean, it was really kind of funny because a lot of crazy questions popped into my head: "Would he want a snack? And if he did, do they have snacks for pets? Is he going to complain about me taking too much of the arm rest? Was he going to watch a movie and if so, would they have one he liked? What if he had to use the restroom!?

The owner of the dog was a very nice lady who told me that she was a flight attendant for the airline and traveled with her pet at least 3 times a year.

Even for regular people, it has become very common to see pets in grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants and in hotels. Most of the time, these pets are classified as emotional support dogs or service dogs. To me, it's a wonderful thing to see that pets and their owners are enjoying more freedom to be together. But I couldn't help wondering about all the people who might have mild allergies from pet hair or who might be straight-up allergic to dogs. Being on an airplane were there isn't much flexibility for changing seats, what can a passenger do if they find themselves next to pet on an airplane?

Certain products on the market can help suppress an allergic reaction from pets but with these options, you have to know ahead of time that you will be in contact with a pet. A great option is to use a product that you can apply right away. Airbiotics StaBiotic Mist To-Go and StaBiotic Hand Cleaner help reduce allergens, pathogens and reactions from pet dander by helping to eliminate them from your indoor environment.

If you find yourself sitting next to a dog on the plane during your next vacation or travels to see your family, bring our Stabiotic Mist To-Go or our StaBiotic Hand Cleaner with you.

Because you never know when you might be enjoying an inflight movie with Air Bud!