Go Back To School With Airbiotics!

by Airbiotics August 18, 2016 Go Back To School With Airbiotics!

Ready to join Puff the Probiotic Protector and go back to school with Airbiotics?

Puff makes cleaning with your children fun! The Probiotic Hand Cleaner and StaBiotic Mist Travel Set is filled with natural, beneficial probiotics that will give your child’s school environment a healthy clean, as opposed to the alcohol-based hand sanitizers that can do more harm than good. Made easy to use and safe for any age, the Travel Set is the one thing you will want your child to have in their backpack every day.

Probiotic Hand Cleaner

Conveniently packaged to fit anywhere from a pocket, lunch box, backpack or purse so you and your child never have to be without it.

StaBiotic Mist TO-GO

This is a travel and on-the-go must have! Great for sanitizing things gel hand sanitizers can't like cafeteria tables, bus seats and more.


Worry Less Your Child Is Protected With the Power of Probiotics at School

Airbiotics probiotic cleaners

Great For Use On

  • Hands
  • Classroom Desks
  • Backpack / School Bag
  • Lockers
  • School Bus Bench Seats
  • Cafeteria Table & Tray

By harnessing natural probiotics, Airbiotics can fight back against harmful bacteria and keeps working for up to 3-5 days after use!

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