How to Prevent Dust Mite Allergies This Fall

by Airbiotics October 26, 2016 How to Prevent Dust Mite Allergies This Fall Microscopic, eight legged and allergy causing—you’ve probably interacted with tons of dust mites before. These pesky little creatures thrive in warm environments and feed off of particles of skin left by humans and their pets, we know; disgusting. Even worse than their existence is the waste they leave behind. Millions of Americans suffer from dust mite allergies, but don't worry we’re going to reveal 3 ways you can prevent dust mite allergies from taking over your home and negatively impacting your life.

1. Wash Bedding Weekly

Dust mites thrive off of skin particles, and we shed so many while we’re sleeping! Because of this, it is imperative to change the bedding in your home on a weekly basis.  Any pet bedding should also be washed and kept clean on a weekly, even daily basis since pets shed so much dander. "mid adult woman making bed with white sheet. Horizontal shape, low angle view"

2. Use Airbiotics in Your Home

Create a balance of ecosystems in your home with Airbiotics Stabiotic mist. Airbiotics works at the microscopic levels where dust mites reside to target and eliminate them. The formula is eco-friendly, all natural, allergy friendly and uses the power of probiotics to keep the home balanced and clean. Not to mention, the Airbiotics clean lasts longer than the typical commercial household cleaner, that is only effective when wet. a-clean-you-can-feel

3. Vacuum Regularly

It may not be your favorite thing to do, or your family’s favorite noise to hear, but vacuuming regularly in the home is vital to keeping the air clean. Vacuuming up dust and skin particles keeps debris from piling up and forming much-dreaded dust mites. If someone in your household has a dust mite allergy, make sure they aren’t present while vacuuming takes place as this can exacerbate their symptoms. Woman using vacuum cleaner on wooden floor at home in the living room

4. Remove Carpeting

Did you know carpeting is a comfortable environment for dust mites?  Since carpet is warm and humid, dust mites thrive in it. Consider switching your flooring to a surface that’s less susceptible to dust mites and easier to clean such as, wood or linoleum. Cape Town, South Africa

5. Cut Down on Clutter

Clutter is the perfect environment for dust and dust mites to collect. If you aren’t careful to clean surfaces on a daily basis, clutter can really pile up and become overwhelming. Investing in various organization bins and making a habit of keeping surfaces clean ensures that there will be a decreased presence of these pesky creatures. Close-up view of ransacked office Use a combination of these techniques to rid your home of dust mites, and replace them with a layer of probiotics so that bad bacteria can no longer survive. Say hello to a cleaner home and say goodbye to dust mite allergies this fall!