INDOOR AIR POLLUTION: What you should know

by Airbiotics October 23, 2015 INDOOR AIR POLLUTION: What you should know One of the major health threat that humans face is the poor quality of air in our surroundings. Our homes, offices and the environment that we carry out our day to day activities contains poor air quality. About 3,000 gallons of air is breathed in and out of the human lungs every day. This volume of air is breathed in our various offices or houses. The poor quality air contained in our homes and offices make up 2,700 gallons of air which is polluted with bacteria, viruses, dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust mites and chemical residues. Everyone is in danger of these impurities in the air except there is a proper air purifier or air filtration system in your offices and homes. Most importantly, people have been breathing in polluted air and unaware of the hazard it will result in no time to come. There are chemical cleansers and air filtration system. These cleansers help to filter and destroy bacteria in the environment. A disadvantage observed from using this cleanser is that, it destroys both the good and the bad bacteria. Probiotics are good bacterium that help man, even in the destruction of bad bacteria. You must have started thinking that it would be a great relief if the air in your offices and homes are filtered properly before breathing in and out the air. You are correct. If the impurities are removed from the air, without harming the good bacterium, it becomes very safe for you. The substances or particles that are found in air have been proven to cause symptoms in people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). Respiratory difficulties and allergies are also caused by these pollutants in air. In a home and office that has air filtration system, these symptoms will eventually not surface. What Are The Sources of These Pollutants? The sources of air pollution are numerous. In a home, constantly, pollutants or particles are being released from carpets, bedding materials, floors, air coming from outside, vents of AC, and other sources. The traditional method of dusting and cleaning the house has never helped in this because if you decide to clean every four hours, which is not feasible, would be a little better. Dust mite is a very strong allergen or irritant and is very common in homes and offices. Dust mite has been found to be the major pollutant that causes new asthma cases. Airbiotics is an environmental probiotics device that can remove many or almost all the pollutants in air making it free for breathing. The action of Airbiotics is completed by the use of StarBiotics, an air natural formular. StarBiotic is a microscopic probiotic agent released into the atmosphere, making your family free from bacteria and dust mite. StarBiotics has the ability to only destroy the bad bacteria, leaving your indoor atmosphere enriched with good bacteria. It has the ability to reduce symptoms of COPD and asthma in just a few days of installation. Air pollutants are not just particles, it has been proven that some chemical residues also cause harm. A lot of people do not know about this and they consume a lot of chemicals daily through breathing. And these chemicals come from cleaning products, stored paints, carpets, solvents, building materials, preservatives and many more. There are so many air filters out there that people have tried out to purify their homes. Do not keep destroying your good bacterium with these chemicals. StarBiotics is the first and the best natural probiotics air cleanser which is patented to Airbiotics alone, since they made the discovery. StarBiotics removes particles like dust mites, chemicals, and airborne particles. It is designed to work naturally to remove tiniest particle of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fibres etc. this keeps the family safe and free of symptoms of respiratory diseases.