Millenials Are Keen On Probiotic Cleaning Power

by Airbiotics August 08, 2017 Millenials Are Keen On Probiotic Cleaning Power

Just this past week, Mintel released their findings on a study they conducted for their ‘US Cleaning the House Market Report’.

In their research, they found that a staggering 61% of Millennials (aged 23-40) are hesitant to clean their homes with standard disinfectants due to the fact that these disinfectants have the ability to eradicate the ‘good’ bacteria in their homes. While 67% of the same group of Millennials stated they were willing to use probiotic cleaners in an effort to promote healthy bacteria, only 36% of Baby Boomers (aged 53-71) peaked an interest in the same request.

With an ardent awareness for the type of ingredients featured in a cleaner, studies show that younger generations are more prone to use cleaning products that advertise their eco-friendliness and all-natural qualities.

Millenials Are More Aware

Altogether, Mintel’s findings really highlighted the overall awareness that Millennials have for ‘healthy’ bacteria in comparison to the other generations that were featured in their study. Although the vast majority of Americans show a keen motivation to keep their homes clean due to the natural aversion to dirt and grime, the incentive for Millennials to clean derives from their determination to protect the ‘good’ bacteria in their surrounding environment.

However, it’s been deduced that the need for a clean home is congruent with the time spent cleaning. In actuality, consumers would be more willing to spend extra money on products that are guaranteed to save them extra time in their cleaning routine, leaving a lot of room for innovation for the household cleaning market.

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