by Airbiotics October 23, 2015 MOLD FACT SHEETS When it comes to fungi, molds are the most popular type of fungi found around man. Molds grow on any substance so long as there are conditions that will favour its growth. These conditions include oxygen and moisture. Molds have a special way of reproduction. This is called spore formation. These spore have the resistance to drying up. They resist a very high temperature without drying or becoming destroyed. They become air contaminant being present both indoors and outdoors. When these spores fall on any surface with good conditions to reproduce, they eventually begin to grow on that surface. People at Risk of Mold Infants, children and the elderly people are at risk of contracting diseases from mold. Some other group of people who are at risk of mold are those who have compromised health issues. These include;
  • Those who have allergies, asthma or a long term lung disease.
  • Immunosuppressed individuals
  • Patients who recently underwent bone marrow transplant.
  • Patients who are on medications like chemotherapy or long term steroid treatment.
Recognising Mold Mold can be recognised by sight and smell. By sight, it usually appears like a woolly mat with colour. Mildew has black colour. The small of mold is usually like an earthy smell with foul odour. Health Effects of Mold To individuals who are very sensitive to molds, it causes a serious health problem to them. The health challenges that are observed with people who are allergic to mold include runny nose, eye irritation, sneezing, increased asthma symptoms, skin irritation, cough and sneezing.   Preventing the growth of mold The key factors to the growth of molds are moisture and oxygen. If these two factors can be eliminated, molds can be prevented from growing. The following can be done to mold from growing.
  • Use wet-dry vacuum to eliminate moisture from the building.
  • Also use fans to help in drying.
  • Wet materials in the house should be cleaned regularly.
  • Every material already contaminated should be discarded.
  • Any material that is porous and wet for about 48hours should be thrown away.
General tips to be observed
  • Ensure a good working environment which is well ventilated.
  • Discard every materials damaged by mold inside a plastic bag.
  • Clean materials with soap and water and make sure they are complete.
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