by Airbiotics October 23, 2015 PETS AND ALLERGIES It has become a regular practice where people try to live in the same apartment with pets and allergies resulting from animal dander. Those who are allergic to this constantly have itching, headaches, wheezing and other signs of allergy. This is a condition that most people in America plan to cope with. They live with pets in the same house. There are about ten millions of Americans that have pets, and this number keeps increasing each day. Though these could be dangerous but dogs and cats are remarkable when it comes to having a companionship. Most people who cuddle these creatures explained that it reduces anxiety and also blood pressure. This can be a way to help yourself maintain your health. It can be explained to be a two way thing. What is more important? Living with cat and allergies if you are sensitive to allergens or living with cats whose presence will lower you blood pressure. People have several choices to make. The watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and skin reactions like redness and itching are all symptoms caused dander of pets. It is believed that after some years of constant stay with a pet, you may develop dog allergy to the pet. Getting tested is the best if this has happened to you. People have been found to outgrow allergies. Any form of allergy can be outgrown. There are ways that you can live with your pet comfortably without being affected by allergy. This could be done by desensitizing your body system. This is done by having series of medications or injection to prevent allergic reactions. The best treatment recommended is taking the pet away from you. You should not stay with your pet as long as you are allergic to animal dander. It could be impossible to stay away from pet in the United States of America. Therefore, live with pets, live with Airbiotic1, a device manufactured by Airbiotics that uses StaBiotics mist, evaporates in the air and spread all over the office or house. It is an environmental probiotics concept to help protect probiotics in the air that we breathe every day. StaBiotics should be a better companion when you have pets in the house because it provides relief for health issues like allergies, headache, dizziness, fatigue, sneezing, asthma and itchy eyes. There has been several research which show that allergies are not caused by animal hair. They are caused by animal’s saliva, urine and dander. Therefore, even pets that do not have hair will also produce allergens as long as they produce dander, and saliva. There are a breed of pets identified as being hypoallergenic. These breeds have not been completely ruled out in causing allergies. There are no research that have proved them to be hypoallergenic. No group of pets have also been found to be more allergen friendly than the rest of animals. The size of the pet and the amount of hair it has plays a role in the determination of how much allergens it carries. Animals that go outdoor brings back pollens to the house. This is where the amount of hair it has applies. The more hair an animal has, the more pollens it is likely to bring to the house. The lesser hair it has, the less pollens it can carry to the house. Allowing new pet into the house you should have a trial period. This period, you need to introduce the pet to the members of the household to note if there is anyone who has allergy for that pet. If at the end, there is someone who has allergy, follow these tips to manage both the pet and the allergic person.
  • Vacuum carpeting on daily basis.
  • Bath the pet once every week.
  • Do not have much carpeting.
  • Let not the pet in the bedrooms.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the pet.
The best of all is by having Airbiotics1 make the environment conducive for you and your loved ones. StaBiotics are non-toxic and are 100% safe. There is no other air cleanser as safe as Airbiotics1 with StaBiotics as a natural probiotics.