by Airbiotics October 23, 2015 PRECIPITATING FACTORS FOR INDOOR POLLUTION Indoor air pollution affects our health negatively. The number of times we spend in our homes, offices and other buildings is more than the number of times we spend outside. Indoor environment encourages indoor pollution. The following are the factors that encourage indoor pollution.
  • Indoor temperature: The temperature of a home is how hot or cold the home is. When it becomes very humid, mold, fungi, mildew and bacteria all benefit from this and increase in growth.
  • Gas problems: Carbon monoxide is a major problem in the indoor environment. You cannot smell or feel the presence of carbon monoxide. There are carbon monoxide detectors that sound alarm when the level of carbon monoxide in the environment becomes excessive beyond what you can cope with. Proper ventilation should be provided to encourage cross ventilation in the home. Carbon monoxide from gas and kerosene heaters, tobacco smoke, wood stores, water heaters and fire places can escape from living room to the outside environment. Nitrogen dioxide can be derived from gas stoves or heaters that are unvented. There is an increased risk of respiratory infection with a long term exposure to this gas. Evidence have shown that emphysema, a lung dysfunction, can result from heavy exposure to nitrogen dioxide.
  • Bad ventilation. In the periods of cold months that windows and doors are not often opened, ventilation is usually poor. Indoor air is always polluted when ventilation is poor.
Solution to Indoor Air Pollution Improving ventilation is one of the two major ways to correct indoor pollution. This is a very simple thing to do. It is achieved by opening the windows and the doors. Fans with outdoors exhaust located in bathrooms and kitchen also help remove pollution. There are other several methods of cleansing the atmosphere with chemicals. These chemicals destroy both the bad and good bacteria. One good method that has come to stay is the use of Airbiotic1 with StaBiotic. In a bid to produce a safe air for man, Airbiotic went far to produce a device called Airbiotics1. This devices emits a natural health solution called StaBiotics. The Key role of Airbiotics’ microbial StaBiotics probiotics is to remove dangerous contaminants from the atmosphere, leaving the good bacteria unlike other cleansing chemicals that have been produced for some time now. This wonderful technology is patented to Airbiotics alone after several years of research to manufacture this. It is 100% safe to use. Its purpose it to create a healthy and safe environment for you and loved ones. The other method of controlling indoor air pollution is by controlling the source of indoor air pollutants. Every gas or smoke emission gadgets that you have should be adjusted to reduce the amount of gases they emit. Some indoor gas sources that cannot be reduced should be sealed. The best and the most effective option is the use of air cleansers. Airbiotics1 with StaBiotics neutralizes the effects of different particles found as pollutants in the air making the air safe for us to breathe. Airbiotics is a probiotics, therefore, it nourishes our environment with the good bacterium. It is a way to start in considering all the methods of disinfecting the air in our indoor environment.