Warning: FDA Releases Alarming Claims About Hand Sanitizers

by Airbiotics July 06, 2016 Warning: FDA Releases Alarming Claims About Hand Sanitizers Could the gel hand sanitizer you know and trust be harmful to you and your loved ones health? Last week the Food and Drug Administration came forward with new studies about how antiseptic gels can be hurting us more than they are helping us. These gel hand sanitizers that are in the majority of every school and hospital in the United States have been proven to fight germs because of the high amount of alcohol used in the formula. However, claims are now coming forward that frequent use of the antibacterial gel sanitizers being rubbed into your skin can cause the ethanol to show up in your blood or urine. This severe discovery shows that these chemicals could affect production of hormones or the reproductive system.

Is This Something to Panic About?

Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s drug center reported,
“We’re not trying to alarm people… Obviously ethanol and humans have co-existed for a long time so there’s a lot that’s known about it.”
The claim most importantly can directly affect women who are pregnant, breast feeding, or trying to get pregnant. Children who start using the antiseptic gel hand sanitizers and continue for the majority of their lives could possibly see the consequences over time. Other costs for concern about the antiseptic chemicals are linked to the fact that the “Superbug bacteria” that has sprouted in the United States over the past few months is resistant to antibiotics. Could it be because the bacteria has become immune to the wide spread use of the antibacterial gel?
Woodcock states, “We need to get this additional information so if there are situations where caution is warranted we can label that or inform the public.”

Could This Be The End of Gel Hand Sanitizer?

In short the answer is, probably not for a while. But does that mean we should settle and continue to use these harmful products on ourselves and our kids? The eco-friendly and green movement has been bringing alarming facts to our attention about everyday things we use and it’s about time something big is done about it. Unfortunately, unless a claim is made that it is severely affecting our well-being, most schools and hospitals will most likely stuck in their ways, but it’s time to make a change and give our attention to a healthier alternative.

A Better Option

The fact is, there is something better out there that is both not a gel and is 100% all natural and food grade. It’s the Probiotic Hand Cleaner from Airbiotics. This is a travel-size product that uses probiotics to rid your hands, steering wheel, gas handle, or anything else you may need on-the-go or in a travel-size of unhealthy bacteria. Instead of using alcohol to “kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs,” Airbiotics uses probiotics to combat against the unhealthy bacteria that can be harmful to our health. The formula is non-toxic, non-GMO, alcohol free and fragrance free so you don’t have to worry about harming yourself or your loved ones wherever you spray the hand cleaner.

The Path to a Healthy Clean

Airbiotics strives to create a healthier, cleaner, and more balanced indoor environment for you and your loved ones as well as wherever life takes you through travel. Airbiotics products are clinically tested and clinically approved to clean better and safer than the leading competitor, not irritate skin and make indoor environments more suitable for those that suffer from allergies and asthma.