by Airbiotics October 23, 2015 Healthy bacterium are being produced these days especially by yogurt companies. Probiotics can be defined as live bacteria and yeast, good for the health of humans. It is most important in the digestive system. Bacteria is well known to cause diseases. But there are helpful bacterium in the body which makes the intestines remain healthy. These bacterium that keep you healthy are called probiotics. Yeast is a good example of probiotics. Now, there are supplements of probiotics. These probiotics supplements contain good or helpful bacteria. Probiotics like fructo-oligossacharides, butyrate and insulin are the nutrients required for probiotics to grow. More than 400 different types of probiotics in the human colon. The probiotics found in the colon help to complete undigested foods, regulate the activities of pathogens and yeast, increase bulk in faeces, manufacture vitamin k and vitamin B. The importance of these probiotics have been overlooked but recently, much interests have been shown towards the importance of probiotics through research. They are not only helpful to the colon but also to the general wellbeing of human. Most times, probiotics in the guts are called normal flora. The human system has benefited immensely from probiotics unknowingly. Some people have had to destroy their normal flora creating an imbalance between the normal floral and the unhealthy bacteria in the colon. This act leads to symptoms like bloating, allergies, constipation, intestinal gas and stomach upset. These symptoms can only be relieved by probiotics. There are probiotics that are helpful in the human system. These are lactobacillus acidophilus, streptococcus faecum, bifidobacterium bifidum. Natural sources of probiotic bacteria are yogurts. There are alternate sources of probiotics which is probiotic supplement. Probiotic oral supplement contain large quantity of probiotics bacteria. It also contains a wide varieties of bacteria and the above mentioned three being more. If you have the opportunity to choose, chose the probiotics that have about 6 – 10 billion microorganisms, then maintain the required dosage. Probiotics helps to increase the growth of healthy bacteria. It is been tested that when you are taking you probiotics, it would work better when taken in an empty stomach. Before bed sometimes works too. When you take probiotics, you will have a great improvement in elimination, improved digestion. There will be improved bowel movement. Its consistency and regularity is also improved. With probiotics, allergies are reduced. Those who have allergic reactions to allergens experience relief while taking probiotics. With probiotics, you colon becomes healthy again. The amazing jobs of these bacteria are so numerous to mention. Probiotics are not only useful in the intestines alone. They also occur in the air. Bacteria, mold and allergens do not allow probiotics that exist in the air to perform its function. StaBiotics is an ultimate probiotics solution that is released by Airbiotic1. Airbiotic1 and StaBiotics work like the probiotic supplement. Probiotic supplement act in the intestines while StaBiotic and Abiotic work in the air. It is a natural solution of probiotics that cleanse the indoor and office air from contaminants leaving good bacteria in the air. This is what other air cleanser cannot do and since Airbiotic1 and StaBiotic is patented to Airbiotic alone, it has the sole right to produce this awesome Airbiotic system.