Airbiotics Nano

Airbiotics Nano

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  • Nano Portable Probiotics Atomization Spray

    Infuse indoor air with beneficial probiotics that help prevent allergens, odors, and diseases from spreading, thus creating a healthier environment for you and for those you love.

  • The Airbiotics Nano is a portable ultrasonic nebulizer device that releases Airbiotics Active Probiotics Technology (APT) out to the air. The particle size of less than 1 micro-meter releases billions of probiotics in the form of a gentle mist, allowing them to protect and balance your indoor environment.

  • Airbiotics products are made using 100% natural active ingredients and are enriched with millions of probiotics.

    Ingredients: Purified water, proprietary stabilized GMO-free beneficial probiotics.


      • Micro-scale liquid decomposition technique.
      • Automatic control of the working time every 30 seconds.
      • The mist volume can be controlled by 3 levels.
      • Long time, built-in 550mAH li-poly battery.
      • Includes two (10ml) refill tubes
    • Our products have a beneficial effect on people, pets, and the environment.
      The ultrasonic atomizer’s 113,000 vibrations per second turn the probiotic liquid into a micro-scale mist, which is easier to be spread out into your indoor environment.

    • Please charge the product before the first use. Once charged, fill the Nano’s liquid tank with Airbiotics probiotic liquid, plug the tank, and slide the cover into place. When the spray light indicator turns on, the Nano will begin to spray. Use the mist volume adjusting button to adjust the mist volume by three levels. Refill and recharge the Nano as needed.

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