ALL- Purpose Cleaner Sample Pack

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Free All Purpose Probiotic Cleaner Kit

Probiotic-powered, multi-surface cleaner that's safe for pets, people and the planet! Tough enough to clean any surface. Safe to use around your children and pets. Fragrance-free with no harsh chemicals or artificial scents.

Take a test drive of our probiotic-powered cleaner that infuses your air and environment with healthy, clean probiotics that improve indoor air quality and help protect against unwanted allergens and pathogens!

Airbiotics All Purpose Cleaner cleans the surface of dirt and grease while leaving behind powerful probiotics that keep unwanted pathogens and allergens away! 

  • Keeps air allergen free. Helps prevent reactions from pets, seasonal weather and dust-mites.
  • Defeats odors at the microscopic level.
  • NO other charges and NO auto-renew.

Just enjoy the feeling of clean and freshness that comes from cleaning with our probiotic powered, all-purpose cleaner.

Free Kit Includes:

  • 16 oz. Spray Bottle (Eco-friendly, reusable plastic with our APC Concentrate Formula. Saves the planet from plastic bottles in the ocean and landfill.)
  • 5 x 5 mL Concentrate All-Purpose Cleaner Refills. (Makes 4 spray bottles.)
  • 1 Amazing Microfiber Cloth (Reusable, washable, lint free. Polishes to a shine!)

Enjoy The Experience of Better Air and a Probiotic Clean!

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